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Superior Fit and Function

Whether you’re a new amputee or dissatisfied with your current prosthetic, we can help.

Surgeon-supervised, Comprehensive Care

Our prosthetic process encompasses pre- and post-amputation care.

    Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center

    The mission of Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, TN, is to restore vitality and mobility for prosthetic patients. Our unique approach to comprehensive care begins prior to surgery. Premier Prosthetic Center patients partner with a physician and a prosthetist to develop a treatment plan designed to help you achieve your personal mobility goals.

    We offer the latest in prosthetic technology to help amputees achieve their vitality goals, whether those be living independently at home, spending quality time with grandchildren or pursuing sports interests.

    Our comprehensive care includes:
    • Prosthetic care prior to surgery, supervised by a surgeon
    • Ongoing research programs and trials for new technology available only at Premier Prosthetic Center
    • A specialized fitting process that creates a unique prosthesis suited to the individual
    • 3-D modeling technology and techniques for a faster design and modification process.
    • An amputee peer counseling network
    • Free consultation to pre- and post-amputation clients

    Our process offers superior fit and function, even for those patients who have been dissatisfied with performance and comfort offered by prosthetic components from other providers.


    Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center Prosthetist Hannah Howington, CPO, walks you though our prosthetic fabrication process.

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