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Positive Outlooks Keeps Prosthetic Patient Standing Tall

With her cheerful smile and positive personality, few who meet Katherine Sutton (who goes by “Missy”) would guess that in the past several years she’s suffered from painful, debilitating diseases that eventually claimed both her legs.

Despite her difficulties, Missy has a surprisingly optimistic outlook. “I don’t take anything for granted,” smiles the Maryville woman. “I’m just grateful that I can get up, put on my legs that were made for me, and can walk every day.”

Several years ago, complications from severe diabetes caused Missy to begin losing the toes on her right foot. By September of 2014, a dangerous wound that wouldn’t heal prompted her General Surgeon to recommend removal of her right leg below the knee. “I   cried a little,” remembers Missy. “And then I said, “Just take it. Let’s go!”

Missy was thankful to receive a prosthetic leg, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a perfect fit.

“It was an issue with sizing. It didn’t fit right, but I didn’t know the difference until I came to Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center.

Missy managed alright with the prosthesis on her right leg, until in April of 2016, she was stricken with a high temperature and perilous infection that prompted the emergency amputation of her remaining left leg. After surgery her General Surgeon referred her to the Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center.

Missy soon met Tim Muncy, Premier’s Prosthetic Assistant, who is also an amputee.  “Tim came to see me in the hospital,” she explains. “To hear from another amputee who knew what I was going through, that made a big difference.”

As her left leg healed, Missy consulted with Premier Surgical’s certified Prosthetist, Jason Hayden, who specializes in lower-limb prosthetics.

“We spoke at great length and Jason was very detailed. We talked about my lifestyle and what I wanted to do on a daily basis. I was very at ease with the process.”

After several fittings Missy received a temporary “preparatory” prosthesis for initial gait training, before finally receiving her definitive prosthesis. “With the care they took, I knew it was going to be perfect fit!” smiles Missy.

The Premier Prosthetic team also custom-fit a new prosthesis for Missy’s right leg. These days she’s active and plans to participate in a Walk-a-thon to benefit Amputee Blade Runners, on the anniversary of her first amputation.

“It’s been a long, hard road and I hate that this happened, but everything happens for a reason,” explains Missy. “I have no regrets. The people at Premier have been so sweet, even on days when I just needed a hug. They truly tailor your leg just for you.”

If you are a new amputee or are dissatisfied with the fit of your current prosthesis, call (865) 474-7096 or request a free consultation online with Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville.

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