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The Ultimate Replacement Prosthesis Cheat Sheet

Have you recently started struggling with your prosthesis? Do you find yourself wondering if it is time for a replacement prosthesis?  If so, it may be time for you to start looking into a replacement prosthesis. Not sure what to look for? Consider this short guide your ultimate replacement prosthesis cheat sheet.

In the guide, we cover:

  • common symptoms of prosthesis issues
  • common reasons you may need a new prosthesis
  • details on poor fit
  • knowing when it is time to replace your prosthesis
  • and more

By far the most common issue with prosthetic limbs is poor fit. From a prosthesis that is just barely out of balance to a prosthetic limb that won’t stay in place, poor fit can be debilitating. Whether you’ve never experienced a good fit or if a poor fit has slowly crept up on you, you may need to consider whether it is time to look into a replacement prosthesis. Regardless, it is important that you avoid waiting to discuss any potential problems with your prosthetist. While some fit issues are minor and represent no immediate danger, others can quickly become more severe and cause significant pain and lasting damage to your body.

Any issue, no matter how minor, is worth at least a quick discussion with a qualified prosthetist—there is no reason to continue to suffer. It may seem like a hassle, but often the longer you wait, the more severe the issue becomes and it may take longer to fix the issue. Continuing to suffer doesn’t do anyone any favors.

If you’re suffering from symptoms of poor fit such as skin irritation or pain or you’re considering a replacement prosthesis, this guide will help you understand many of the indicators that it is time and provide you with an option for ensuring you get the replacement prosthesis necessary to provide you with the level of mobility you desire and the optimal fit you deserve!

Download our Premier Prosthetic Center guide, Ultimate Replacement Prosthesis Cheat Sheet, and discover if now is the right time for you to get a replacement prosthesis. Don’t let your suffering continue—take the first step and request a copy of our guide today!

Download the Ultimate Replacement Prosthesis Cheat Sheet

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