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3 Rules for Artificial Limbs

3 Rules for Artificial LimbsNo matter where you are in the process, from pre-amputation to 20 years on, there are a few simple ways to enjoy the level of mobility you deserve. If you want to ensure a successful relationship with your artificial limb, Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville urges you to keep these three simple rules in mind.

  1. Be patient

When adapting to post-operative recovery and preparatory prostheses to the latest running legs, never rush things. While it is only natural to want to jump right to enjoying an optimal fit, it is important not to skip a step. Having the patience to allow the process to happen at its own pace is the key to making sure you come through with an optimal fit and maximum mobility.

  1. Make Sure You Have the Right Prosthesis

It’s of vital importance that you pay attention to the operating parameters your prosthesis is designed for and avoid exceeding them. This is never more important than when you are considering a new (or old!) hobby like golf or running, but it applies equally to day-to-day activities as well. No matter the motivation, you gain nothing from trying to tough it out with a prosthesis that isn’t designed to cope with the stresses of a particular activity. In fact, you may actually damage your prosthesis or cause serious injury to your body, both of which can severely limit your prospects.

  1. Ensure Your Prosthesis Fits Optimally and Keep Up With Any Maintenance or Repairs

Obtaining an optimal fit, which is the overall goal of our design and fitting process, is the starting point. Once everything is dialed in and you understand how your artificial limb should feel, you’ll know when something is wrong or it is time to find a new prosthesis. Don’t neglect ongoing maintenance and repairs either. Your prosthesis will require a certain amount of work to maintain the optimal fit and ensure you get the maximum amount of life out of your prosthetic limb. Visit a qualified prosthetist regularly to keep your prosthesis in prime working order and to make sure you are enjoying the activity level you want.

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