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Preparing For a Prosthesis

Losing a limb can be a painful and trying experience, but starting your rehabilitation as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do to recover – both physically and emotionally.

About Prostheses

A prosthesis, or a prosthetic, is an artificial device created to replace the limb that you’ve lost. This device is comprised of different parts that work together to help you perform daily activities such as eating, walking, and dressing.

Each prosthetic limb is custom-built to suit your unique needs. If you’re getting a prosthesis, you’ll be working with a prosthetist throughout the process. A prosthetist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the making and fitting of prosthetic limbs.

Preparing in Advance

Getting a prosthesis and ensuring the right fit requires several steps. Speaking with a prosthetist early-on means having an opportunity to address possible concerns and expectations.

During the early stage of designing and creating your prosthesis, the prosthetist will ask you questions about your previous work, activities, and recreation. This information will guide them in the development of a prosthesis that will suit your lifestyle and functionality.

Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center Works with You

At Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, we have a certified Prosthetist who is experienced in  finding the perfect fit for you. The fit of a prosthesis affects the way you function and move on a daily basis. This is why we will work with you all throughout the process to help restore your functionality and vitality.

If you are preparing to undergo amputation in 2018, or feel it may be time to replace your current prosthesis, call 865-474-7096 to schedule a free consultation with our expert prosthetist today.

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