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5 signs it is time to see a prosthetist

5 signs it is time to see a prosthetistFinding and maintaining an optimal fit it is the key to loving your prosthesis. It’s the goal of our unique process here at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville. Maintaining an optimal fit is almost certainly something for which you should be consulting a qualified prosthetist. While there are many things you can do on your own, sometimes you need to get in touch with a qualified prosthetist to make the best use of your prosthesis. Consider these five signs it is time to see a prosthetist.

You’ve experienced a change in your physical condition

From developing skin irritation or swelling in your residual limb to weight gain or feeling unbalanced, there are many physical changes that can affect your ability to use your prosthesis. These problems are usually easiest to correct early on, which is why you shouldn’t wait to talk to your prosthetist. Many of these issues can often be solved with a few quick tweaks and you’ll be on your way. Allowing the conditions to persist, on the other hand, can lead to much more serious complications.

You want to take up a new hobby

It isn’t practical to produce a single prosthesis that can handle every conceivable hobby or specialized activity. Weight, balance, and other considerations force us to make certain concessions when designing a prosthesis. This means a prosthetic leg that may meet the needs of your day-to-day needs around the office isn’t necessarily going to be the best choice on the tennis court. If you have something you’d like to do or something you’d like to improve, get in touch with a prosthetist, discuss your desires, and enjoy the benefits of having a prosthesis that isn’t limiting your performance.

You are bumping up against functional limitations of your prosthesis

If you find yourself feeling limited by your prosthesis, it is time to ask a prosthetist about how new technologies or other options, like alternate knees or sockets, might help increase the performance of your current prosthesis. Take special note of any broken or worn hardware that may need replacement, which can also limit the function of your prosthesis.

You’d like to alter the cosmetics of your prosthesis

Depending on your career or other personal desires, you may wish to look into the use of cosmetic covers to alter the appearance of your prosthesis. There are a number of products available and a prosthetist would be happy to help you find and apply a cosmetic cover that can be applied to your prosthesis.

You need help with your day-to-day use of your prosthesis

Depending on how long you’ve lived with your prosthesis, you may need a prosthetist’s help understanding the best way to manage your prosthesis. From routine maintenance to exercises to increase your strength and mobility, a prosthetist can help ensure you are meeting your desired activity goals and more!

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