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Meet Reda, Premier Prosthetic Center’s New Mascot


Reda doesn’t let her new prosthetic leg slow her down.

Reda is a three-year old chocolate lab with a new lease, or should we say leash, on life. By thriving despite a disability, Reda has quickly become a favorite of the staff and patients of Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville.

In November last year, Reda was anonymously turned into the Blount County Animal Center in Maryville. She was in poor physical shape and her lower hind leg had recently been amputated and had not healed properly. A shelter volunteer took her to the University of Tennessee Veterinary School, where Dr. Marti Drum determined that Reda was a good candidate for a prosthesis. She sent a cast of Reda’s stump to K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics in Canada, and Reda’s prosthetic leg arrived February 3.

The Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation and 4 Chics and a Cat began a fund-raising effort to raise money for the prosthesis and vet costs, while Reda began physical therapy exercises in the foster home of Judy and Jim Graham, building muscle and learning to balance.

A local TV station aired a story about Reda, her therapy, and the fundraising efforts, and Tim Muncy of Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center happened to be watching.
Tim and Reda at Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center

Tim and Reda at Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center

Tim knows what it’s like to be an amputee. He lost his leg in 2012 due to a car accident and  came to Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center first as a patient. His strength and determination to make the best of his situation inspired other prosthetics patients, so Tim became a patient advocate for Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center . Eventually, he was hired as an assistant to help Premier’s Prosthetist build and refine artificial limbs.

With both personal and professional experience, Tim understands what’s involved in maintaining and wearing a prosthesis. He and his wife, Denise, also happen to be a dog lovers, so they offered to become Reda’s owners. She officially became part of their family on February 19th.

“She’s doing great,” says Tim. “I also have a 100-pound Chocolate Lab named Buck, and Reda is about half his weight but she can keep up with him full throttle. She acts like her prosthetic isn’t there, and so does Buck. They get along really well.”

Reda has also become quite popular at Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center, and eventually the Muncy family and the center would like to use her as a support animal to help new prosthetic patients.

“A lot of the patients already know about her and have seen pictures of her. She’s been the talk of the place here,” Tim smiles.

Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center patients partner with a physician and a prosthetist to accomplish a common goal – restored vitality. We offer patients in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee communities the latest in prosthetic technology to help our patients achieve their vitality goals, whether those be living independently at home, spending quality time with grandchildren or pursuing sports interests.

Are you currently facing amputation, struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, or something in between? Call Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online.

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