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How To Stand Tall & Wear Your Prosthetic Leg Proudly

Surgeon-supervised-Comprehensive-CareNo doubt you’ve gone through a wide range of emotional and physical challenges since your amputation, and have worked hard to heal and prepare for a permanent prosthetic leg designed for long term use. This is the time to envision your best-case “new normal,” to consider your prosthesis as an opportunity to return to activities you love.

At Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, we work with each patient to identify the components and technology needed for a prosthesis that will best serve their activity levels, functional needs, and lifestyle goals. Because of the differences in each patient’s anatomy and needs, the fabrication of your prosthetic device is an intricate, custom procedure. This means a prosthetic leg that may meet the needs of your daily functions isn’t necessarily going to be the best choice if you’re planning to get back into running. Talk with your prosthetist about your dreams and goals—whether it’s being able to walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding or chase your grandchildren in a game of tag.

Advancements in creating prosthetic legs have led to an astounding array of options.  Consider this encouragement from the Amputee Coalition: “A prosthesis can look however you want it to. From the purely functional look of the mechanical parts to a cosmetic cover that looks like a natural limb, your options are endless. If you want to make a fashion statement, you can have your socket covered in your favorite team’s logo or accessorize it with your favorite color or pattern. The prosthesis is an extension of you and your style—wear it proudly!”

The purpose of your prosthesis is to enhance your lifestyle, not limit it. If over time you do find yourself feeling limited by your prosthesis, don’t resign yourself to thinking that’s the way it just has to be. This is the time to ask a prosthetist about how new technologies or other options, like alternate knees or sockets, might help enhance the performance of your prosthesis. Or you may be ready for a change in the appearance of your prosthesis. There are a number of cosmetic cover products available and a prosthetist would be happy to help you find and apply one that suits you. The bottom line is to stay positive and proactive about your prosthesis.

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