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Prosthetic Patient Living Life to the Fullest

In 2001, 59-year-old John Gardner of Knoxville was involved in a tree cutting accident that crushed his ankle and left him with one leg shorter than the other. Over the next thirteen years, Gardner fought with limited mobility issues and depression about how his active lifestyle was affected due to his injured leg.

After watching his friend Larry live an active life with a prosthesis, John decided to consult with the specialists at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville to see about getting a prosthesis of his own, and to stop letting his injured leg slow him down.

Since our last interview with John in 2016, he has returned to the active lifestyle he once had. Premier Prosthetist, Jason Hayden, designed a special socket for his prosthetic running blade. John has participated in half marathons and completed four sprint triathlons, including the Lebanon Cedar Sprint. “I try to do at least one event a month,” he tells us. He is also on the Knoxville Sled Bears Hockey team with Premier Prosthetic Assistant, Tim Muncy.

In addition to his running blade, John had a special prosthetic foot made for snow skiing. Recently, he and Jason went out on the slopes and documented the trip.

John Gardner is a great example of someone who does not let his prosthesis slow him down. However, he will be the first to tell you that communication with your prosthetic team is key to a successful experience. “Part of learning to be an amputee is learning to watch over (your prosthesis) and making sure that you stay on top of things before they become a problem. Communicate what you need so that they can help do what’s right for you and provide you with the best care.”

If you are currently facing amputation, or struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, call Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online.

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