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See How You Can Learn to Love Your Prosthetic Leg

iStock_000018234313LargeIf you’re struggling with your prosthetic leg and are worried you’ll never be able to reach the level of mobility you desire, we need to talk. While the tools required may look vastly different depending on your situation, you can learn to love your prosthetic leg.

Make sure your prosthetic leg fits optimally

Step one, is actually finding your optimal fit. Going through the process can take quite some time, but it will revolutionize the way you interact with your prosthesis. With improved fit comes improvements in nearly every part of your life. Poor fit is more often than not the source of most prosthetic leg issues. Each prosthesis is a unique combination of parts that must accommodate  the differences in each amputee’s body and goals. With so many different adjustment possibilities, it is important to stick with the fitting process until your prosthetic leg’s fit is dialed in to the optimal fit for you.

Make sure you have a prosthetic leg that fits your lifestyle

Would you go golfing with a tennis racket? Sure you’ll be able to hit the ball and you might even reach the hole, but you aren’t likely to do as well as you could with the right golf club. Prosthetic legs aren’t any different, but due to their complexity we often  see patients struggling to do activities their prosthesis just isn’t designed for. This isn’t advisable. Not only will your ability to perform the activity suffer, in some cases you may actually damage your prosthetic limb or injure yourself. The bottom line is you should make sure your prosthetic leg fits your lifestyle, even if that means having a couple of  different prostheses for different activities.

Consider calling in a prosthetic leg expert

The primary job of your prosthetist is to ensure you’re reaching the level of mobility you desire and that your prosthesis isn’t holding you back. Being a prosthetic leg expert is a job that requires a lot of attention to details and specialized training that spans all aspects of prosthesis care from pre-amputation consultations with you and your surgeon to regular maintenance consultations.

Would you like to learn to love your prosthetic leg? Give Premier Prosthetic Center a call today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online and let our highly-qualified staff create prosthesis for your unique lifestyle with our specialized design and fitting process.

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