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The 3-Part Recipe for a Successful Prosthesis Fitting

WP_20141007_030Achieving and maintaining optimal fit is the key to a successful relationship with any prosthesis. While a successful prosthesis fit is always the goal, it can sometimes be a bit of a moving target. From meeting the unique requirements of a particular hobby or keeping up with necessary repairs, there are many factors to finding and maintaining a good fit, but finding the right balance is crucial. Here are 3 tips to ensure you have a successful prosthesis fitting process.

Don’t Rush the Prosthesis Fitting Process

When it comes to prosthetic limb fittings, patience is the name of the game. It is going to take at least a few adjustments to really dial in the fit for you. It’s really easy to get frustrated and try to rush this process, but if you allow it to happen at its own pace you will come out of it with a better relationship with your prosthesis. Even if it takes weeks, know that it is worth it later when you’re not fatigued and suffering from a poorly fitting prosthesis.

Don’t Settle for “Close Enough”

Perhaps this is just an extension of the previous point, but when searching for the optimal fit, don’t just settle for “close enough.” Finding the best fit for you can be a bit of moving target, particularly in the early stages of amputation. While there are many ways to adjust your prosthesis, to ensure optimal fit and reduce physical limitations you shouldn’t accept “close enough” when it comes to the fitting process. How do you know you’ve found your optimal fit? You should be able to meet your personal mobility and activity goals on a day-to-day basis without struggling with your prosthesis, feeling fatigued, or feeling off balance. It’s not instantaneous, but don’t get frustrated and give up half way through the process; it’s not worth it to trade years of optimal fit for a few hours of adjustments by your prosthetist.

Visit a Prosthesis Fitting Expert

It is important for you to see a qualified prosthetist routinely throughout this process to ensure you have the best possible fit. Your prosthetist can do everything from matching your desired activity level with a new custom prosthesis for a particular hobby, like running, to making simple adjustments to your current prosthesis to maintain your optimal fit.

Premier Prosthetic Center has a qualified, experienced prosthetist  to help you get where you want to be and make sure you experience a successful prosthesis fitting regardless of where you are in the process.

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