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How Prosthetists & Surgeons Can Work Together For Your Benefit

DeLynne_Jason_Tim Oct2015The Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville offers a unique model of care for patients who are facing a limb amputation. By partnering with a patient’s surgeon, Premier’s certified prosthetist Jason Hayden ensures that a patient will have the best possible outcome for a functional prosthesis. The team approach of surgeon and prosthetist accomplishes a common goal—restored vitality.

By consulting with a surgeon on the exact location of an amputation—sometimes even during surgery—Jason is able to affect how easily the patient may adapt to a prosthetic limb.

“The length of the limb and the amount of surface area makes a big difference when it comes time to fit a patient with a prosthesis,” explains Jason. “For example, the more surface area there is at an amputation point reduces the risk of pressure ulcers and blisters, and it also increases the leverage area for applying the prosthesis which sets the patient up for better balance. Our team approach is all about making it easier for our patients to adapt to their prosthesis and get on with their lives.”

While he recognizes that having a prosthetic limb is certainly a lifestyle change, Jason says it does not have to be a lifestyle ending experience. Advances in technology and the evolution of prosthetic products has made a big difference for today’s amputees.

“My goal is to get people back to their normal lives,” Jason says. “Or if they want to do more or different activities I want to fit them with the right prosthesis so they aren’t limited by their mobility.”

Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center offers patients in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee communities the latest in prosthetic technology to achieve their vitality goals, whether those be living independently at home, spending active time with grandchildren, or pursuing sports interests.

If you are facing a limb amputation, are struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, or something in between call Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online.


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