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Water Activities with Prostheses

Swimming as an Amputee

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Not only is it a good cardiovascular activity that works out major muscle groups of both the upper and lower extremities, but it is also beneficial for your overall health. Aside from strengthening the cardiovascular system, regular swimming sessions can also help in improving flexibility, muscle strength, relieving pressure, improving circulatory functions, and easing joint pain.

If your limb or part of your limb has been amputated you may have some concerns about water activities this summer, but there’s no need to worry. Swimming is a generally safe activity and is not traumatic to the residual limb as the water’s buoyancy supports the weight of the body. Because of this, you should not feel any form of impact force on your residual limb.

Some recreation centers offer a special swimming program for people with physical disabilities, including amputees. This is a good program to join, especially if you haven’t been swimming regularly prior to amputation. A program like this can teach you modified swimming techniques and tips on how to enter and leave the pool safely.

Prostheses and Water Activities

The typical prosthesis is not suitable for regular water-related activities like swimming as micro-possessors and metal parts and screws can get ruined underwater. For those without a waterproof prosthesis, the best way to spend time in the water is without your prosthetic limb. An amputee can enjoy swimming without a prosthesis as long as he or she ensures that there are no open sores.

It is best to avoid exposing your prosthesis to the water because water can rust a prosthesis and damage the sensitive mechanical components. Swimming without a prosthesis has additional benefits, as it can also relieve pressure on your skin, muscles and joints.

If you have undergone an amputation and have questions about a prosthesis, you can contact the experts at Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville for a free consultation. We are dedicated to helping our patients throughout the entire process. From pre-operation to rehabilitation, we’re here to help.

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