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4 Leg Prosthesis Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

4 Leg Prosthesis MistakesWhether you’re struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, waiting for an amputation, or whiling away your days in the garden with no prosthesis issues in sight, here are several things you should be looking out for to avoid making these 4 prosthesis mistakes.

Prosthesis mistake #1: Ignoring something broken

Whether you are experiencing any issues or not, if you can see something is clearly broken, you should schedule a visit with your prosthetist to discuss your options for repair and replacement as soon as possible. It may just be that your body has been compensating for the issue and the symptoms haven’t quite caught up yet. Trying to stick it out or repairing it yourself can result in injury to your residual limb and a great deal of pain.

Prosthesis mistake #2: Your skin feels itchy or burns

Itching or burning skin can quickly get out of hand leading to serious medical concerns. These are typically symptoms of fit problems, which may be easily corrected with socks and bandages. Even if your problem doesn’t have a simple fix and requires more serious action, like switching to a new socket, you should get the issue sorted out as soon as you can to prevent your skin condition from worsening.

Prosthesis mistake #3: Pressing through unusual tiredness or fatigue

While the occasional day full of activities may rightfully end in tiredness and fatigue, struggling to make it through every day without feeling fatigued may be a sign you’re struggling with a fit issue without realizing it. Whether a simple tweak or adjustment or partial replacement is necessary, you should discuss your issue with a qualified prosthetist.

Prosthesis mistake #4: Living with poor balance

A key symptom of many fit issues, particularly with a leg prosthesis, is feeling unbalanced. This feeling of poor balance can often quietly progress into fatigue or other more severe symptoms, which is exactly why you should get the issue fixed as soon as you can. Barring any obvious broken parts or other more serious problems, a simple adjustment of your prosthesis may be all that is standing between you and a problem-free prosthesis.

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