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Quiz: Is it time to see someone about your prosthesis?

Is it time to see someone about your prosthesisThe most common issue with prosthetic limbs is poor fit. From feeling a little off balance to being unable to make it several hours without feeling fatigued, the symptoms of poor fit can be debilitating. Unfortunately, fit is a bit of a moving target—prostheses require maintenance, vestigial limbs may undergo certain changes, and other factors come into play. So, how can you tell if it is time to see someone about checking the fit of your prosthesis? Take our self assessment.

There’s no reason to continue to suffer

It is important that you avoid waiting to discuss any potential problems with your prosthetist. While some fit issues are minor and represent no immediate danger, others can quickly become more severe and cause significant pain and lasting damage to your body. Any issue, no matter how minor, is worth at least a quick discussion with a qualified prosthetist—there is no reason to continue to suffer. It may seem like a hassle, but often the longer you wait, the more severe the issue becomes and it may take longer to fix the issue. Continuing to suffer doesn’t do anyone any favors.

A quick adjustment or repair may be all you need

Feeling a little off balance may be a sign that you need a small adjustment. From the addition of a thicker sock or gel liner to a quick tweak to adjust the balance of your prosthesis, there are quick adjustments that can be made to fix the issue. It is important to seek out the expertise of an experienced prosthetist to help you identify the best course of action. For example, you may find you have a more severe issue that requires a replacement prosthesis.

We can help with any phase of your amputation

Because of Premier Prosthetic Center’s relationship with Premier Surgical Associates, Premier’s surgeons often   consult with us pre-amputation to discuss a patient’s particular case and the best options for them. We also have many patients come to Premier Prosthetic Center for a routine check-up, even years after their amputation. The bottom line is, we can help with any phase of your amputation—from preoperative to 50 years down the road, you can benefit from a consultation with our team at Premier Prosthetic Center

If you’re suffering from poor fit or other issues and you’re wondering if it is time to talk to a prosthetist, take our free self assessment. All it takes is a few minutes to answer some questions and based on your answers we’ll let you know if it is time for you to contact our team at Premier Prosthetic Center to put you on the path to loving your prosthesis. Get started on your self assessment now!

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