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What No One Tells You About Artificial Limbs

What No One Tells You About Artificial LimbsArtificial limbs and amputation are actually fairly common, but they aren’t something about which the average person is likely to know a great deal. Here are four things no one tells you about artificial limbs.

1. Each artificial limb is unique to you and your lifestyle

It may come as a bit of a surprise just how different several artificial limbs, which do basically the same job, can look. This is primarily due to the myriad of subtle differences in people and amputations, which require each prosthesis to be constructed from a unique system of parts designed to ensure the best possible fit and level of mobility for each person. From differences in height and weight to coping with the stresses of a sport like golf, the artificial limbs must adjust to maximize mobility and comfort level in order to limit fatigue and other issues.

2. Artificial limbs are likely not as limiting as you think

The goal of a prosthesis fitting at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville is restoring the level of mobility you desire and providing you with the opportunity to do the things you enjoy without being limited by your prosthesis. From running a marathon or hitting the golf course to walking around your garden or grocery shopping with your kids, your prosthesis shouldn’t be a limiting factor.

3. It will take time to get used to your artificial limb

Whether you’ve just gotten a replacement prosthetic limb or you’re scheduled for an amputation, you need to know there will be a period of both mental and physical adjustment. In the case of a replacement prosthesis, you may find it takes time to realign your thinking about tasks that were difficult previously. Perhaps the largest adjustment period comes post-amputation Getting used to not only a new, but also your first prosthesis requires a lot of adjustment. It may not seem like it at first, but eventually, you’ll find it feels like a natural extension of yourself.

4. Premier Prosthetic Center offers comprehensive care to restore your mobility

Regardless of which phase you find yourself in, from pre-amputation to searching for a replacement prosthesis, Premier Prosthetic Center of Knoxville has a lot to offer you. We regularly consult with our team of Premier Surgical surgeons prior to amputation to help improve the fit and function of your prosthesis later on. We also have many clients who come to us seeking maintenance, repairs or replacement of their prosthesis decades after amputation. The bottom line is, our team specializes in offering comprehensive care to patients at all stages and ensuring superior fit and function of your prosthesis to allow you to meet your desired levels of mobility and activity.

Are you currently facing amputation, struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, or something in between?  Call Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online and let our highly-qualified staff create prosthesis for your unique lifestyle with our specialized design and fitting process.

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