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Today’s Big Q: What is the difference between an orthotist and prosthetist?

Today's Big Q- What is the difference between an orthotist and prosthetist-Depending on how familiar you are with prosthetic care and the health care professionals dedicated to ensuring you have the level of mobility you desire, you may have seen a number of designations or titles like CP, CPO, or CO and found yourself wondering exactly what all that means. Or maybe you’re just wondering what the difference is between an orthotist and prosthetist?

Orthotists work with devices designed to assist a limb or other part of the body

While both prosthetists and orthotists work with devices designed to assist their patients with movement and general mobility, the primary difference is in whether they are working to assist or replace a part of the body. Orthotists, who may also be certified as a prosthetist, are typically working with patients suffering from neurological or musculoskeletal issues that prevent normal function of one or more limbs or other body parts. A certified orthotist will typically use the designation CO or, in the case of someone who is also a certified prosthetist, CPO.

Prosthetists work with devices designed to replace a limb or other part of the body

Prosthetists, like Jason Hayden our Certified Prosthetist (CP) of Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville ,  typically work with patients who have had one or more limbs removed. In many cases, thanks to Premier Prosthetic Center’s close relationship with Premier Surgical Associates, we also consult with the surgeon prior to a patient’s amputation surgery.

Our main focus, as is the case with any prosthetist, is helping our patients restore the level of mobility they previously enjoyed through the fitting and maintenance of artificial limbs Starting with preparatory leg prostheses, which are designed to get patients walking again in the few months after amputation, we work to restore our patients’ mobility following surgery. From there, we can assist the patient with a number of options including highly-technical prostheses designed for a specific activity or hobby, like running or golf. A prosthetist will ensure you enjoy the mobility you deserve by finding your optimal fit, assisting you with prosthesis maintenance, and helping you select a replacement prosthesis when the time comes.

Are you currently facing amputation, struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, or something in between?  Call Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online and let our highly-qualified staff create prosthesis for your unique lifestyle with our specialized design and fitting process.

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