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Working with Amputee Associates

About 185,000 amputations are performed in the United States every year. Nearly 2 million Americans are living with limb loss, most of which are due to vascular disease (about 54 percent).

Premier Surgical’s Prosthetic Center in Knoxville is serving the needs of this growing amputee population by working closely with Amputee Associates, a group aiming to revolutionize amputee care through its partnership with clinics and physicians.

Working With Amputee Associates

In partnership with Premier Surgical Associates, Amputee Associates help manage Premier Surgical’s Prosthetic Center. We’ve been working together since 2008 to ensure quality prosthetic outcome and to continually improve it for our amputee patients.

Amputee Associates provides experienced management and supervision, access to the latest research on amputee care, and other tools needed by Premier’s dedicated prosthetics team.

Ensuring Quality Amputee Care

Before the surgery, Jason Hayden, the center’s Certified Prosthetist, and his team work closely with the patient, preparing him/her physically and mentally for the procedure. This preoperative collaboration  helps to ensure success throughout the prosthetic process.

After the surgery, the prosthetic team continually monitors the patient, both on an in and outpatient basis. They make sure that there are no surgery-related complications and that the residual limb is healing well and ready to proceed with the prosthetic process. Aside from continuous monitoring, patients also receive support and encouragement from Premier’s Prosthetic Assistant, Tim Muncy, who is himself a below-the-knee amputee.

Each prosthetic device that we provide to our patients is custom fabricated on-site. This is to ensure superior fit, comfort, and to meet the unique functionality needs of our patients. Our prosthetic team provides continuous education to our patients to help them maximize their abilities and meet their long-term mobility goals with their new prosthetics.

Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville specializes in the care for upper and lower extremity amputees. We are happy to serve candidates for upper or lower extremity amputations. For a  free consultation, you can contact us here or by calling 865-474-7096.

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