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Reda: Prosthetic PUPdate

Reda, the amputee Chocolate Lab that our Prosthetic Assistant, Tim Muncy, adopted in February of 2016, is thriving despite her disability! She’s happy, active, and enjoys doing what normal dogs do: playing and fetching balls and sticks.

When Tim and his wife Denise adopted Reda, she had some skin problems and only weighed around 50 pounds. Now, she’s fat and happy – at about 80 pounds.

Reda’s constant companion is Tim’s other chocolate lab, Buck. “Reda follows Buck everywhere and he is very gentle and good with her.” They both sleep in the same bed as Tim and his wife, and even went on vacation to Destin, Florida with them this summer.

Reda is not currently wearing the prosthetic (orthotic) leg that was constructed for her. She hasn’t worn it in about a year because she’s gained weight since it was created, and the skin and tissue over her bone are very thin, so her residual limb blisters easily. She does fine without her prosthetic leg these days, though! “If she has a choice, she prefers to go without the leg. She can run and play, and our other Lab even has trouble keeping up with her.”

Tim says other than missing 8 inches of her leg, “Reda’s a normal dog. She’s a character and we love her. She’s very happy and spoiled rotten!”

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