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Today’s Big Q: What is the difference between an orthotics and prosthetics?

Today’s Big Q- What is the difference between an orthotics and prosthetics-Orthotics and prosthetics are fields, which are often linked together thanks to their focus on restoring mobility. In fact, they are so closely linked, some practitioners are certified in both fields. So, with that in mind, what is the difference is between an orthotics and prosthetics?

Orthotics are designed to assist a part of the body

Both fields involve the design, development, and fitting of devices to assist their patients with movement and general mobility, but orthotics are primarily concerned with assisting a part or parts of the body. If you recall the popular 90s film Forrest Gump, you may recall the leg braces Forrest wears as a child. At a basic level, these braces are orthotics designed to assist his legs through their normal range of motion.  Orthotics patients usually suffer from neurological or musculoskeletal issues that prevent normal function of one or more limbs or other body parts and an orthosis is developed to correct or assist their natural limbs or other body parts in their normal function.

Prosthetics are designed to replace a part of the body

Prosthetics, which is our primary focus here at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, is primarily focused on restoring patient’s mobility after the removal of one or more limbs. While there are many cases, due to Premier Prosthetic Center’s close relationship with Premier Surgical Associates, in which we consult with a surgeon prior to a patient’s amputation surgery, our main focus is the fitting and maintenance of prosthetic limbs.

From preparatory leg prostheses, which are designed to get patients walking again in the few months after amputation, to highly-technical prostheses designed for a specific activity or hobby, like running or golf, prosthetics can be widely varied in form and function. A prosthetist works with prosthetics technologies to ensure patients can enjoy the mobility they deserve through developing and ensuring optimal fit of one or more prosthetic devices and assisting with their maintenance. Whether you’re facing amputation or you need help selecting and fitting a replacement prosthesis, a prosthetist can help you navigate the process and ensure you enjoy the level of mobility you deserve.

Are you currently facing amputation, struggling with a poorly fitting prosthesis, or something in between?  Call Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville today at (865) 474-7096 or schedule a free consultation online and let our highly-qualified staff create prosthesis for your unique lifestyle with our specialized design and fitting process.

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