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Sports Blade Gets Amputee Athlete Mom Back in Action

Christa Brelsford is pounding the pavement of her Oak Ridge neighborhood. The mother of three has adjusted easily to her new prosthetic running blade, but after 12 years of disuse, building up her muscle systems to run safely has taken more grit than any of Christa’s previous athletic endeavors. “It’s taken me 8 months to […]

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New Amputee Services

At Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, we aim to educate and motivate our patients in order to drive the best possible clinical results for each individual. This begins with educating patients on expectations about their amputation surgery, postoperative recovery, and rehabilitation and preparation for prosthetic fitting. After surgery, we actively participate in the rehabilitation […]

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Care After Amputation Surgery

Like any surgical procedure, an amputation is traumatic for your limb and therefore requires dedicated care by you in order to heal properly and as quickly as possible. Additionally, you will need to prepare your limb for the greatest chance to not only receive a prosthesis but succeed in using one for your daily activities. […]

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Facing Amputation? Premier Prosthetic Center Can Prepare You

Facing an amputation is particularly challenging, but the team at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville is here to support, educate, and prepare you with the ultimate goal of providing for your prosthetic needs once your limb has healed. It is important to understand the type of amputation surgery that you will have as this will […]

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Amputee Gold Medalist Urges Encourages Others to Keep Climbing Higher

Christa Brelsford takes the loss of her right leg in stride. The 34-year old Oak Ridge scientist’s leg was crushed during a massive Haiti earthquake in 2010. She was in Haiti working on a literacy project with her brother.  She has a practical attitude towards the injury and subsequent amputation.  “I was very lucky,” explains […]

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Premier Prosthetic Center Team Helps Bahamas Amputee Walk Again

A Bahamas grandfather is back on his feet for the first time in years, thanks to the efforts of a Knoxville business man and the team at the Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center. “God is good! It’s amazing how God brings people together,” says 54-year old Darren Pinder of Eleuthra, Bahamas. “I can’t believe how a […]

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Maintaining Your Prosthesis in the Summer

Summer is coming! And there’s no better way to enjoy the season than heading outdoors. Spending time outside is fun but the rise in temperature can also mean one thing – sweat. Excessive sweating plus the heat can take a toll on your prosthetic limb and the skin around it. You don’t have to stay […]

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Prosthetic Patient Living Life to the Fullest

In 2001, 59-year-old John Gardner of Knoxville was involved in a tree cutting accident that crushed his ankle and left him with one leg shorter than the other. Over the next thirteen years, Gardner fought with limited mobility issues and depression about how his active lifestyle was affected due to his injured leg. After watching […]

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Prosthetic News – Advancements in Prosthetic Technology

About 2 million Americans have lost a limb, whether an arm or leg, as a result of injury or illness. Many of these amputees chose to wear a prosthetic limb. Also called an artificial limb, a prosthetic limb is a medical device used to replace a missing body part and to help restore functionality. A […]

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Preparing For a Prosthesis

Losing a limb can be a painful and trying experience, but starting your rehabilitation as soon as possible is one of the best things you can do to recover – both physically and emotionally. About Prostheses A prosthesis, or a prosthetic, is an artificial device created to replace the limb that you’ve lost. This device […]

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