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Water Activities with Prostheses

Swimming as an Amputee Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Not only is it a good cardiovascular activity that works out major muscle groups of both the upper and lower extremities, but it is also beneficial for your overall health. Aside from strengthening the cardiovascular system, regular swimming sessions can also help […]

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Premier Prosthetic Center & Amputee Associates

  Approximately 185,000 lower extremity amputations are performed every year in the United States. An estimated 2 million Americans are currently living as amputees, with the amputee population projected to double by the year 2050. Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville is proud to serve the needs of the growing amputee population using the latest innovative […]

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History of Prosthetics

Ancient Greece and Rome through the Dark Ages The earliest proof of prosthetics comes from a 3000-year old Egyptian mummy, who was found with a prosthetic toe made from wood and leather. Roman scholars describe warriors who used wood and iron to fashion artificial legs and arms. The Dark Ages saw only limited progress. The […]

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Proper Care After Amputation Improves Prosthetic Fitting Process

Prosthetics have become so advanced that they now offer a degree of movement and functionality that wasn’t possible before. However, the level of care after amputation is key to improving the prosthetic fitting process. To achieve this, each of our patients at Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville are given the guidance they need to […]

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The Anatomy of a Leg Prosthesis

An artificial limb, or prosthesis, is a system of components that come together to perform the many functions of the amputated limb. While it can take many parts to construct some of the most advanced prosthetic limbs, all prostheses have several components in common—the prosthesis, a socket and attachment mechanism, and a control system. Prosthetic […]

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What No One Tells You About Artificial Limbs

Artificial limbs and amputation are actually fairly common, but they aren’t something about which the average person is likely to know a great deal. Here are four things no one tells you about artificial limbs. 1. Each artificial limb is unique to you and your lifestyle It may come as a bit of a surprise […]

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Walking a Mile in their Shoes

When Tim Muncy gets dressed for a day on the job at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, the most important thing he puts on isn’t his medical scrubs uniform, it’s his prosthetic left leg. Muncy, like the patients he works with, is an amputee. As a Prosthetist Assistant, Muncy helps fit those who have lost […]

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New Technology Improves Prosthetic Leg for Longtime Amputee

At age 77, longtime track and cross county coach Everett Miller is learning to walk again. “I focus on walking straight, instead of swinging my leg out,” says Miller. “The key is to balance my muscles and how I distribute my weight.” Miller is learning to balance and walk on a new prosthetic leg. “It’s […]

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