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Sports Blade Gets Amputee Athlete Mom Back in Action

Christa Brelsford is pounding the pavement of her Oak Ridge neighborhood. The mother of three has adjusted easily to her new prosthetic running blade, but after 12 years of disuse, building up her muscle systems to run safely has taken more grit than any of Christa’s previous athletic endeavors. “It’s taken me 8 months to […]

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Heat Aggravation and Prostheses

Summer time is a great opportunity to be outdoors. The warmth this season brings makes it impossible to say ‘no’ to outdoor barbecue, playing sports, or trying something new outside with family or friends. Although summer is typically associated with ‘the good times’, the heat it brings can pose a challenge for some of us, […]

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Prosthesis

A prosthesis is a medical tool used as a replacement for a missing limb or part of a limb. The use of a prosthesis is often recommended for those who have lost their limb as a result of trauma or chronic medical condition. With the right prosthesis, you can live a quality life even after […]

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Knoxville 5FIVE15 Fun Run to Benefit Amputee Athletes

Seventeen-year-old DJ Vanderwerf loves to run. The Sweetwater teen enjoys competing in 5K road races and continuously challenges himself to improve his speed and race times. “I’m active and always on the go. I believe you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it,” says Vanderwerf. Running hasn’t always been a […]

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What everyone should Know About Prosthetic Legs

By Carey Bunch, CPO/L , Prosthetist Amputation and prosthetic limbs are common enough that the average person is likely familiar with them on some level, but rare enough that most people have many questions and misunderstandings to clear up when faced with the prospect of requiring a prosthesis for the first time. Here are five […]

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