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Is It Time For A New Prosthesis?

Your prosthesis is an important tool to help you gain back your independence after amputation. And like any other tool, a prosthesis is not something you can use forever.

How Long Your Prosthesis Can Last

Depending on factors like age, growth, and activity level, a prosthesis can last for several months, to several years. How well you take care of your prosthesis and the changes in your residual limb after amputation also affect how long your prosthesis lasts.

When to Replace Your Prosthesis

Changes in any of the following may be signs it’s time for a new prosthesis:

Physical status
You should discuss with your prosthetist if there are changes in your physical status. These include weight gain or loss, change in the volume of your residual limb, or any sign of skin irritation.

Activity goals
Are there activities you’re interested in, but feel limited with your existing prosthetics? Every prosthetic device is different and each has its own limitations. If you feel your existing prosthetic is keeping you from doing the things you desire, it may be time for a new one that more appropriately matches your level. Consult with your prosthetist to find out your options for the activities you have in mind.

If the appearance of your prosthesis bothers you, then talk to your prosthetist. He/she can provide you with visual options for your prosthesis.

When a part or parts of your prosthesis stop working, it can affect the way you walk or do certain activities. If you suspect that some parts of your prosthesis are no longer working or appear to be dysfunctional, don’t hesitate to speak with your prosthetist. They can advise whether or not it is time to update or replace these dysfunctional parts.

If you anticipate any change in your environment such as a house move, talk with your prosthetist about how your device can be impacted by extremes in temperature, water, dust, and dirt. Depending on how extensive the environmental changes will be, they will be able to recommend a more suitable prosthetic device for you.

Premier Surgical Prosthetic Center in Knoxville works with you to assess your condition and provide you with prosthesis options that suit your lifestyle and your personal needs.

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